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Conflict Intelligence® (CI): Get Smart!

How tired are we of getting tangled up in that conflict web? Of repeating those same old, same old conflict patterns? We are all aware of the cost of conflict not only in the workplace but also in our own personal lives. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to understand and transform conflict so we usually end up repeating the same mistakes – and that’s stressful.

Scott gets conflict and he is passionate about sharing the future of conflict – Conflict Intelligence®. CI is a new approach to conflict resolution that enables us to not only clearly identify conflict dynamics but also gives us the conflict IQ (insight, mindset + action) to consciously connect and build collaborative understanding with others.

Let’s get conflict smart!

“I loved it! Scott was AMAZING! I gained so much insight into conflict.”

Session Overview

In this engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to get ahead of the curve and invite the new paradigm of conflict resolution – Conflict Intelligence (CI) – to build healthy, dynamic + sustainable relationships.
  • How to increase Conflict IQ (insight, mindset + action) via the CI model to realise next-level workplace communication.
  • How to avoid the 3 common conflict traps that fuel conflict, disconnect relationships and jeopardise our individual + organisational wellbeing.
  • How to practice the 5 CI conscious choices to successfully transform conflict into connection in both our personal + professional lives.

Audience members will leave this presentation with increased CI and the pathway for greater peace – both personally + professionally. Conflict Intelligence is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended half or full day workshop.

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