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Mindful Team Culture (MTC): Get Connected!

We know if there is wellbeing in the workplace, we’re all happier – professionally and personally. Less time is spent reacting to a disconnected ‘complain and blame’ culture and more focus is invested on mindfully creating a connected team culture. So how do we avoid the negative pitfalls and embrace the positive pathways? Enter Scott – he gets what makes healthy teams tick!

Scott understands the connection between mindfulness and workplace culture. He has created and successfully facilitated Mindful Team Culture (MTC), a proactive and transformative process for 100s of organisations across all sectors. With both great humour and insight, Scott shares the core MTC components on how to transform your team from conflicted to collaborative, disengaged to dynamic, problem-saturated to solution-focused.

Let’s get connected!

“LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Scott Dutton. Best presenter ever!”

Session Overview

In this engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to create a Mindful Team Culture (MTC) mindset that enables team members to consciously choose + responsibly share in the co-creation of a healthy, empowered + sustainable culture.
  • How to recognise + avoid the top 3 pitfalls of a disconnected (unhealthy + unsafe) workplace culture.
  • How to identify + implement the 3 pathways to a connected (healthy + safe) work culture.
  • How to grow and sustain a next-level MTC by aligning (lived) purpose-values-behaviour to ensure team wellbeing + connectedness.

Audience members will leave this presentation with the essential insight, knowledge and process to move beyond the costs of toxic team dynamics to successfully build + sustain a healthy, empowered + positive team culture. Mindful Team Culture is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or a 1-2 day workshop.

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