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Mindful Communication + Customer Experience (CX): The ‘WOW factor!’

For next generation customer experience (CX) success, Mindful Communication (MC) is the key. It is essential we connect with our customers to build authentic engagement, a genuine service mindset + a mutually valuable relationship. The practice of Mindful Communication (MC) will create a meaningful + positive connection that will improve not only customer experience but will also strengthen individual + team wellbeing and of course, increase (sustainable) sales!

Scott shares (with interaction + humour!) a clear and concise 3-step Mindful Communication (MC) roadmap that will create the WOW! CX Factor. He gives us the necessary insights, strategies and confidence to build meaningful + valuable + sustainable connection with our customers and avoid the communication roadblocks that can disconnect + derail the customer relationship.

Let’s get our WOW on!

“WOW! Scott absolutely hit it out of the ballpark!”

Session Overview

In Scott’s engaging and informative (+ fun!) keynote presentation, audiences discover:

  • How to build customer engagement via the Mindful Communication (MC) roadmap + practice strategies that will build and strengthen a valuable connection.
  • How to prevent and/ or transform the communication roadblock issues that threaten to disconnect + derail your customer connection (relationship).
  • How to deliver a service mindset with genuine intent that invites open + authentic communication, a positive customer experience (CX) and the building of your tribe (loyal + sustainable customer base).
  • How to implement the Mindful Communication (MC) principles within the team environment to increase individual and team wellbeing + success.

Audience members will leave this presentation inspired + confident to build connection with their customers through awareness and understanding of Mindful Communication (MC) strategies + process. Mindful Customer Experience (CX) is an ideal stand-alone conference keynote or an extended workshop.

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